Web analytics

Our mission is to study and pay attention to the visits measurements and monitoring the online campaigns results, and make predictions for your business.

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Metrics and web analytics

Visit metrics

statistics Web analytics is useful for:

Traffic reports and behavior

From MetricAWeb we conduct an ongoing study of the visits, conversions and indicators that our analysis tools provided, and transmitting to let the project managers for analysis.

Decisions and advice

The data extract we use also to propose technical improvements on the page, refine campaigns and advise on the actions of the marketing plan and overall project.

KPI study

The task of analysis requires defining a set of KPIs (performance indicators) based on the objectives of the campaign (to get contacts, sales, visitors, records, ...), as, for example, conversion campaigns, new buyers vs returning, visits with lead, bounce %, etc... Depending on the project, the area and the website is to define or focus in one or another.

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