Piwik hosting

We offer hosting plans for Piwik, open source web analytics solution.

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Piwik is a web application for analysis of web sites, allowing the collection of data to generate a complete statistics and graphs detailing information, number of visits, pages views, and search engines, among other information of interest to know thoroughly the evolving traffic to our websites.

Our Piwik hosting plans

Piwik hosting

While anyone is free to install and configure Piwik on the hosting provider, we offer professional hosting with guarantees, to not have to worry about server load, optimizing databases, exports and protect against data loss on server errors. Your data is completely safe and protected.

Security, stability and privacy

In our service delivery contract states that the service is active for 99% of the time, your data is protected by expert computer technicians, data is not consulted and we do not give information to any third party.

Few minutes ready

After completing the payment by Paypal, you automatically create an account and send you the access data and code to include in your webpage to track visits to Piwik.

Custom solutions

If you want an advanced solution Piwik consulting staff, special or dedicated hosting, contact us or request a quote now.


If you want to explore how Piwik and the functions it offers, go to Piwik Demo